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Why Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle image of Family on Couch in their home

Let's remember your family. Your family has a story to tell. Lifestyle Photography Sessions aren't your standard look at the camera and say "cheese" type of images. I actually encourage you to not look at the camera, but to interact with one another and I capture the real that your family has to offer! This is how your family is at this time in your lives so why not capture it beautifully and besides, what place could be more special than your very own home? The reminders of love, laughter, and lives shared. Every snuggle, every tear, every giggle, and every hug - captured beautifully for you! I am a storyteller and these are the images I create for you!

I am so excited these guys gave me the opportunity to photograph them in their own little space! I had such a fun time getting to know them and being able to take portraits of them in the place they call home! They are the sweetest bunch and I am so glad they trusted me enough to photograph such a special time in their lives!

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