Chatting with Laura from Double U Hunting Supply!

We’re here talking with Laura -- who brought up their family business -- Double U Hunting Supply! As it started with her husband, Buddy, it ended up growing into so much more, thanks to Laura encouraging that first big step.

They decided to take a year off, start a family, and see if they can start selling some hound gear, T-shirts, or hats! Laura took the leap, created a website to serve the purpose, and slowly but surely built themselves up into a full-time business!

It started out basic -- paycheck to paycheck, just a total gamble and trial. They eventually started hiring out here and there, bringing new people in and training them on their business work. Slowly growing, a lot of mistakes and fixes, but you do what you gotta do!

She got to a point where she felt that she wasn’t giving their business 100% -- and gave her husband the ultimatum -- I need help, or this business is over! Buddy, her husband, ended up quitting his job and although they did not have the means to really make this decision, they felt it was right.

Starting a business is a PROCESS. We’re here to share that with you -- the real talk. Starting a business brings a lot of stress, unknown, and worry. But, chasing your dream, no matter the hardships, will always be worth it. Right?

Just because it’s your business, just because YOU took the leap, don’t be afraid to ask for help. What does that look like for you? Take on any help that will continue your journey towards your dream. Be open to growth, whatever that may look like! Always keep your promises -- to others, and to yourself. Learn as you go, and keep those encouraging friendships close.

Life is a journey, and we’re here to have fun. Every piece happens the way it’s supposed to happen -- so let it. Save the stress for something else, and trust the process. Pick yourself up when you fall, and keep going. The fall is never bad enough to stay down -- get up and try again! JUMP, and your wings will grow on the way down.