Christ Family Three Peaks | Cedar City Family Photographer

Family Photographer, Southern Utah, Cedar City, Three Peaks

You know those couples that just have the energy that jives? Well, this is them. They are always so happy when they show up to a shoot + their daughter is absolutely darling.

I must say that any kid six and under is my favorite age. They haven't quite hit the point of embarrassment yet + they still act like themselves without reservation.

Gwynn is definitely no exception to how I feel about this. She had us laughing so hard the entire time and when she decided she was done, she was outta there! She would bail out of mom or dad's hands and take off! ha

One thing I've learned while photographing kids is you let them go and once you start photographing Mom and Dad together, they always come back. They don't like to miss out on any action + they LOVE being the center of attention.

Family Photographer, Southern Utah, Cedar City, Three Peaks

I have had the opportunity to photograph this family twice now and they are some of the kindest, most down-to-earth people I've met. I mean, I must say that nearly all of the people I have photographed are!

I love spending time with those that have such a positive energy about them and enjoy being in each other's company. This is how we capture that connection between you and your loved ones.

My sessions are so laid back and stress free. For 2020 I am so over posing in any way. I have leaned toward gently guiding you to connect with one another and I capture it all as it unfolds.

To me, life isn't perfectly posed and I don't feel that your images should be either. I want you to remember how you felt in that moment holding your child. I will never pose you awkwardly because we never get natural smiles anyhow.

This is your life and it is the Beauty Behind Life's Chaos that I capture for you. These two are working on becoming Foster parents and they said they are so close. I cannot wait to capture the extra beauty that is about to be added to their life!