Christmas in the Clark House | Southern Utah Photographer

Family traditions run deep in our family and one of our favorite traditions each year is Grandma Jackie's sugar cookie decorating party. We always do this the weekend before Christmas + the kids absolutely love it!

We planned to come up for Christmas instead, but the weather was looking like that was a bad idea! Since moving to Cedar City it has been a little harder to make it up for everything, but this is one thing we enjoy making the drive for.

Grandma Jackie makes soooo many cookies along with gingerbread bowls full of yummy frosting. We set it all up + turn the kids loose and watch the magic.... or disasters happen! Let's just say that Santa gets a sugar high for sure!

It is so much fun to see family and watch the cousins play. They seem to pick up right where they left off every time we get together. The only kid of ours that doesn't seem to remember a whole lot is Khloe! Cedar is all she's known and I think it's pretty funny when she asks, "Is Aunt Amy the one with the Jace?" ha

This year was especially fun because we got to give Grandma her gift a little early + my hubs decided it would be so funny to wrap all of his brother's old football pads up for his wife! Oh, and then he had her open them during the party as well!

When the kids figured out what they were, they were rather disgusted + Grandpa thought it was hilarious. Nothing like finding your uncle's butt pads in a duffel right?! ha

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