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Converse through MY Eyes | Cedar City, UT | Product Photography

I wanted to do my own version of a Converse product shoot back to school style. Why? Because I thought it would be fun + I thought I may also get up the guts to send it to Converse and just see what happens! You hop on their website at and they don't have many images of their shoes on kids so I thought why not?!

You can give 20 photographers the same subject to photograph and you will receive 20 different perspectives + no image will be the same! (Hence the reason for the post name). This is the magic of any kind of photography. We all see the world differently + the uses for the products differently. The key is to understanding what the brand actually stands for and their why + mesh it with your perspective and you either get something great or head back to the drawing board! The key here is to never give up + learn to let fear drive you. I have hid behind my fear for a long time because man the fear of rejection is one tricky beast to overcome. Go big or go home is my new motto! Who's with me? Persistence is the key here. You may see great things + some not so great things, but I refuse to give up!

Converse shoes have quickly become our favorite this school year. My husband gave me crap for buying those yellow shoes because yes... I may have a slight shoe addiction! It can't just be any shoes though, they have to be fun! Those shiny shoes.... I am smitten!

They are a brand that believe their shoes are for everyone and I am pretty sure I agree even though my husband may not! (By the way, the mud washed right off)!

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