Couch Posing 101 | Southern Utah Photographer

Hello lovelies! I hope you are doing well + staying healthy today. I wanted to hop on today and teach you a few different poses that can all be done from the couch!

I know, I know, a lot of us may be spending a lot more time on the couch due to this Coronavirus pandemic, but if we're being completely honest.... it's not all fun and games. A great deal of us are working from, home schooling kids, and trying to figure out a schedule for it all. Nope, no time to binge watch Netflix or play all day here.

Instead, I have been filling my time with trying to figure out a new marketing game, watching courses, and helping others in my Facebook group.

Some of my favorite classes that I watched when beginning my photography journey were on posing and how to flatter all shapes + sizes.

I hear the excuse, "I want to do family photos this year, but I need to lose 15 pounds first" so often. Oh boy, I am here to tell you that this can be done with posing ladies! You are beautiful just the way you are and there are so many ways to accentuate the areas you love + hide some of those that make you a little more self-conscious.

Today is all about slimming that waistline from the sofa, chair, or stool! One of the biggest tips I have on making your shape amazing is to use your arms + pose your body in a way that does just that.

Let's talk about a few poses starting with the image above; leg crossed, leaning forward, with my arms in an asymmetrical position to add interest + slim the waist.

Another tip is to put your knees together and again, lean forward. The knees coming to a V-shape provides a slimming effect and the arms coming across the waist in an asymmetrical position again give the illusion of the waist angling in.

Utilize those legs. Pull them up and bring the arm across. Are you seeing a theme here? 'Nuff said, but if all else fails, add a kid!

Now, look at the images below, practice in the mirror + snap those photos and you'll be ready for your next photo session in no time ;)

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