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Cozy White Sheet Studio Session | Southern Utah Photographer

Gah, you guys!!! I cannot even handle this girl! I met her while taking her Sororities photos for the local university here and my goodness, she is fun! Truly all those girls are fun and I look forward to seeing them each year.

We've done a few sessions together, but when she wanted a White Sheet Session, I was jumping for joy.

There's nothing I love more than empowering people and showing you the beauty I see. I know that sometimes we roll through the motions of life and forget to take a step back and see in ourselves what other's do.

This is why I love these sessions so much. You have the ability to see yourself through someone else's eyes + leave my studio feeling pumped up and beautiful.

I've had so many women arrive nervous about what to expect and left feeling like a new human in their own skin! I'm telling ya, there's just something about seeing yourself through someone else's lens that is truly empowering and sheds a new light on how you saw yourself. We laugh the entire time + have fun and I promise you'll leave feeling great and wanting to do it all again!



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