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Crap Happens | Utah Newborn Photographer

Newborn Girl, Cedar City, Utah, Newborn, Baby, Parents, mom, Dad

Crap happens-- just like life. Yep, you certainly don't know when, but every now and then something does not go as planned!

This is the same for babies! Crap definitely happens during Newborn Sessions as well! We get one rogue baby in the studio that decides to let loose + it's totally ok!

Most parents apologize for it, but there is no need! I am prepared + I help you be prepared by reminding dad to bring two shirts... just in case ;)

When you book your Newborn Session you will receive my Session Guide that walks you through everything to bring as well as what to expect so you don't have to stress!

Moments like these happen + I'm always happy to capture the moment for you ;)


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