December 20 Episode

Hello hello! When you have done something you have always done, you're gonna keep getting the same result. Let's think about that for a minute. Have you ever set a whole bunch of goals, you hit the end of next year and realize you haven’t gotten where you thought you would be? You're doing the same things that you've always done. You’re spend your time in this loop of conjuring up what you've done. You just keep talking about it. Keep conceptualizing telling people what you're going to do but do you ever really take action. You hit another year down the road and you look back wondering why you’re still in the same place. You've sat in the state of dreaming it up but you've stayed paralyzed because fear creeps up. Instead of taking that big scary step, you’ve allowed your brain to protect you. You've allowed those fears to creep in and just keep you stuck where you're at because it's comfortable, right?

Let's make next year all about taking scary action. So imagine this. Anthony Trucks tells this story about a chef. So say that you are so hungry and somebody hired a chef to come in and cook your favorite meal. He's got bags of groceries and fresh produce and whatever to make your favorite mill and he's like oh follow me to the kitchen I'm going to tell you what I'm doing. You follow him into the kitchen and all he does is sits and talks about how he's gonna make the meal, the temperature he's going to set the oven, the utensils he’ll use, but he isn't actually cooking. Would you want him to keep talking or would you want him to start cooking?

I want you to apply this to your life. Are you just talking or are you actually cooking? Are you staying paralyzed in the fear, figuring out what tools you're going to use? I'll admit, I’m right here. My biggest fear with creating video and jumping into my course creation and doing my five day challenge that I wanted to do on Facebook. I was worried I didn't have good enough camera equipment or if my microphone was good enough.

And at this point in my life I had gotten better at only allowing that to hang me up for like not even 2 weeks but before starting this podcast. It held me up for a year and a half! I finally focused in and figured it out along the way and so now that I've come further along in that journey.

Maybe you're feeling so overwhelmed, you run around all the time, your days are just completely filled. You hit the end of the day and you really look back and you feel like you've accomplished nothing.

Let’s touch on some of the few things that might be holding you back. You're not filling your time effectively and so that's what we need to work on. It's time to take some action, time to take different action. Stop conceptualizing and start strategizing. Figure out where you want to go. Get an aerial view of your life.

When you get on top of your life, everything's going to change. Instead of flying by the seat of your pants and just feeling like you're busy all the time and you never know what to do? So if you're ready hop In. Let's do this.