December 27th Episode

Hey guys! I want to talk about what a fun day today was! I love surrounding myself with people going in the same direction as me, surrounding myself with the most awesome people truly keeps me moving forward and inspired about the possibilities of life.

There is so much inspiration to gain from reaching outside your circle and it is so hard to find those connections out in what I like to call “gen pop” if you don't take the action. Find the people to surround yourself with that lift you up in life. Are they lifting you up? Are they just going about life and doing their thing and going through the day-to-day motions, not really aspiring to anything more and so you don't aspire to anything more? Do you feel lifted up with the people that you're hanging out with?

I don't think there's anything wrong with the way that anybody does life. It's your choice you decide how you want to do life and if you are so beyond happy with it. Fantastic. You should be. But if you're just comfy and you know that there's more for you, you want to chase the dream that's on your heart. Don't let anybody else tear you down. Find other people that inspire and lift you up along the way.

It’s time to shift the narrative in life. Motherhood does not have to be hard. Motherhood can be what you make it. We all have our ups and downs. We all have our bad days but that doesn't have to happen every single day. If you feel like you're having a bad day every single day, that is not how life should be. That's how you're choosing to stay. So are you making the excuse for where you're at? Are you making the excuses for the limitations that you have?

If you're going to fight for your limitations you can keep them. I mean, it's just as simple as that. It's waking up one day and being pissed off enough to change your life that the true magic starts to happen. Then you know why you're doing what you're doing. You're doing it now come hell or high water because you're not going back.

Anyone that has had massive success in their life say the difference is the decisions that they've made and the actions that they took. That’s literally it! They did not let fear hold them back. Don't fear other people's judgment.

Let's look at Oprah. She does not magically get an extra 8 hours in her day just because she's Oprah. She has the same 24 hours in her day to accomplish the things that she needs. Sure, she might have a team behind her but she started somewhere just like you and I. The journey might feel lonely at times as you begin to realize when you start to aspire to living a bigger life. People around you that are going to continue to do life the way they've always done it and they may question you a little bit. They're not going to understand. They're not going to see the same vision as you. So don't try to yank them through the doorway. Find people.

You can never pour for and from an empty glass. And if you really stop to think about what that actually means for you, filling your cup so that you can help fill others too. You need to take a step back, evaluate your life's decisions, and look at the priorities. What priorities have you allowed others to place on you?

It's time to regain some of that control in your life and decide. Where do you want your life to go. How do you want to fill your time? What do you want to accomplish? Do you have a dream of leaving a legacy behind? Let's go for that! Stop letting other people's priorities become your own. You do not have to answer a text message if you don't want to and you don't have to answer it within five minutes. That is the biggest distraction!

Dig deep within yourself, evaluate your life, evaluate your activities, and really start to look at the way that you feel throughout the day. Let's really start to dive in and look at how you're spending your time and see if its things that fill your cup. Are you putting someone else priority over yourself and over your dreams and where you want to go in life? If that's the case, it's time to make things lighter, more manageable and give you the freedom for the things that are on your heart.

It's time to shift the narrative and take ownership of your time to do the things that you want in your life. Fill your time with YOU. Talk to you next time!