December 6th Episode

Happy December! Where has this year gone?! I really love the holidays, I love taking the time to slow down, get cozy and spend time with the family. I just love this cozy time of year and bundling up in a good blanket.

Today, I wanted to talk about a few things as we're creeping into the new year. Now, I am not a huge believer in making New Year's resolutions. I try to remind myself to not get too ambitious and put too many irons in the fire. I tend to do this a lot, I bite off more than I can chew and get overwhelmed and shut down. If you're like me that puts you know all about this.

I really liked Anthony truck analogy about this: You have this small pen and it's got 10 sleeping dogs in it. There is plenty of room for those 10 sleeping dogs. But if they were to all wake up at the same time and start playing, suddenly there's not enough room.

We have to like this is the same thing with our ideas. When you have too many ideas bouncing around or you're trying to keep too many balls in the air for all the things, you can't do it! You have to let some of them stay sleeping and I promise you. When you hit like six months down the road, maybe even 3 months down the road, maybe you crush your goals and in 3 months you have totally like blown it out of the water. In my course, I really dive deep on this, getting it into maintenance mode. Then you can toss another ball up and the others are not going to fall by the wayside. You just have to babysit it. You got to kind of like keep it going and not completely let it fall to the ground.

Let's look at clutter in our home because this is a part that I touch on in my course. Physical clutter takes up mental clutter. Physical clutter is going to give you a foggy brain. It's going to make you feel overwhelmed. It's going to take up a lot of your time just because you're constantly having to put stuff away. Maybe you spend a lot of time organizing things that you don't even use. You just reorganize it to make it look better in the cupboard to make yourself feel better.

So that first idea, let's take it. Let's chase. It. Let's date it. Maybe you find out in 3 months it's not something that you love but you gave it your whole heart. You tried it out. You got 3 months down the road and it turned out that you don’t love it now. Let's wake up another dog, or let's try a new thing. Chase it wholeheartedly. Maybe it's something that really lights you up and just completely lights your soul on fire. You love it. You're passionate about it. You want to chase it down. You knock it out of the park. You want to keep going but now you've just like blown it out of the water in 3 or six months and it's in maintenance mode. You've gotten it to the point where it basically runs itself with very little oversight from you. Yeah, you have to keep like peeping back in on it and making sure that it's doing okay, but it's not like taking all of your time every single day to get it off the ground. It's not like a little start-up.

So now, let's introduce another idea. Let's look at it for me. I had photography business. Photography kind of felt like it wasn't filling my cup anymore and no longer served me and so I decided to dabble into 1:1 coaching. I started coaching women and 3 months in, I realized I didn't love the coaching. I didn't love the 1:1. I am very extroverted. People fire me up. People energize me. I love being in big crowds. I actually come home super pumped up and like ready to like chase whatever, so I dabbled in the 1:1 but I also introduced to my podcast.

I had my podcast through my photography business. They weren't really aligning, and I didn't want to talk about photography so it was kind of time to put a lot of photography to sleep while I introduced coaching along with my podcast. By now, my photography business was already basically running itself and then by the time I introduced the 1:1 coaching, my podcast was so simple to me.

You have a lot of new skills that you've got to learn you have. All the new things that come along with that territory, like figuring out new programs and new systems and how to get it onto Apple, and creating graphics, blog posts, emails and all of that around the podcast.I got that to a point where I was just like managing it and I had hired somebody to help me and do my graphics.

Then I introduced the 1:1 coaching and found out that it wasn't filling my cup the way that I wanted it to. I learned a lot but my podcast and my 1:1 coaching and even group coaching all align. It's easy for me to oversee all of it. I can have 2 dogs awake at the same time and be able to watch them both.

I'm waking up a third. A third, because my podcast is just like simple at this point and it's manageable. My house is manageable. You really have to step out of your comfort zone and start waking up more dogs. So now, the third dog for me is course creation. I have been creating a course for the last couple of months. It’s all about how you can manage your time, how you can structure your life to make it manageable for you to be able to chase down a dream and to find the time.

You control your time. You get to choose what you do and do not do. You get to choose how many dogs in the pen you're going to allow to play. But let's get that first one awake and get to the point where all you have to do is just peek in at it every now and then, just to make sure all is well. Then jump into the next one.

I want you to look at this as you start creeping out of this year and heading into the next year. Start little by little. Maybe you're just wanting to start by eating healthier and cut out more sweets. Maybe a few months later, you’ll introduce an exercise plan. Go for a walk every day. Like sixty percent fall off by the end of January when they make huge, unrealistic New Years resolutions. You dive into too much instead of making it simple.

So let's work on all of this. Let's wake up 1 dog at a time. Let's really get going where we want to go before waking up another. Let's get everything in our life manageable so that when it dominoes down, it's gonna affect other areas. So as you're setting New Year's resolutions, don't wait. You don't have to wait until January 1st. Get started now.

Don't wake up too many dogs at once because then the pen's gonna become overcrowded. Follow this natural path of like 1 goal leading into another and pretty soon it's going to be a habit you didn't even have to really think about it. So don't stress over the new Year's resolutions don't stress over being resolute.

Don’t overthink it. Don't overthink, just jump in and take action. When you jump in and take action, that's when you start to shift into a whole new person. It gets less and less scary. You're able to conquer bigger and better goals because you're taking that uncomfortable action. Then you get comfortable being uncomfortable and you can keep going. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Take that first baby step. That one step is going to domino into something else. Simple start today where you are at with what you have. You've got this.