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Do This To Boost Your Mood In Seconds | Southern Utah Child Photographer

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For those of you who may be feeling a little down today, I am here to help you out! I try to keep this little action in mind when I am feeling overwhelmed, the kids aren't listening, or I'm sitting in a long line of traffic with no end in sight.

I SMILE!! Say what now? Yep, you heard it right, a simple smile can do wonders even if you have to force it on your face. Kind of a crazy thought right because sheesh, it takes very little effort to do this... unless your in a bad mood then you've really gotta talk your brain into allowing your muscles to put it there.

I wanted to know how a smile can boost our mood in seconds so I did some Googling and this is what I found:

A Smile Can Improve Your Mood

Ever been in a bad mood and you just so happen to pass by a mirror and catch a glimpse of yourself?! You think, "WHOA, you're looking a little rough today!" Then you can't help but smile and it boosts your mood a little bit? No? I'm the only crazy round here?! All right, we all have our quirks about us, but let's just say that being mad never does anyone any favors if your wanting to look good!

Little did I know that there is actually some science behind smiling and its effects on people. I have listed some of them below.

Smiling Can Boost Your Immune System

Smiling can actually reduce stress and lower your heart rate. Did you know? I didn't until I started researching for this post! Gosh, why would one research the effects of smiling... maybe a photographer.

Even if you are forcing it, smiling has the same effects on your brain. Let's just say your brain is always up for a great grin! So, just smile even if you aren't feeling it mmkay?

Smiles Can Reduce Stress

I wasn't going to go too geeky on ya, but many studies have shown that smiling actually causes a chemical reaction in the brain releasing Dopamine and Seratonin. The Dopamine increases your happy feelings and Seratonin reduces stress. How cool is that?

Stuck in traffic? Smile at the person in the car next to you. It will boost your mood + theirs if only for a few minutes. That would be worth it in my book.

Sheesh, laugh at yourself! Sometimes I'll try to think up something funny and I spontaneously burst out laughing. Having a bad day? Pause here and go watch this lady: If you haven't seen it yet, you. are. missing. out! She legit made me want to buy a Chewbacca mask, but they were sold out on Kohl's after this baby went viral!

Smiles Are Contagious

Smiling is not only contagious because of the good vibes you are trying to

share, but the meaning behind the smile. If you want one simple way to change the world a little at a time, it would be to smile at everyone you pass along the way. In grocery stores, the drive thru, your kids, strangers... the list goes on and on.

What about Grandma's smile.... gosh, don't we all know how warm and cozy it feels when you walk through the door at her house to be greeted with that big welcoming smile?! Let's make the world feel that way and smile at everyone we pass on the street. Who knows how far that smile might go!

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