Duty Family | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

Gosh this family was a blast to photograph! Marilyn reached out to me a few months ago asking about a session, but they wanted to mix in some baptism photos for her little girl + she wanted a "Mountain" look!

I knew just the place, sent her some photos I took there recently and she approved!

Family Photographer, Cedar City, Utah, Southern Utah, Las Vegas photographer

You never know how the fall weather in Utah is going to be, but boy did we luck out this night. It was absolutely beautiful and this family was such a fun bunch!

If you know me, you now I love it when you bring your dogs, cats, whatever to your session because I feel that they are just as much a part of the family. Sometimes they even listen better than the kids ;)

Do your kids loved to be tossed in the air? I know mine did + their giggles were killer. As soon as I told Dad to play with the kids as though I'm not there, the first thing his little boy wanted was to be tossed. It brought back so much nostalgia being able to listen to him giggle as he flew into the air over + over again until it was Claire's turn.