Emilie + Addie | Southern Utah Motherhood Photographer

There’s nothing more special than having your girl by your side to conquer the world together. This mama has been through some rough times, but she knows she can do anything with this girl by her side + she teaches her to believe in herself on the daily.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to capture these tender memories for them. Cheesy as it sounds, you only get so much time with your kids, so why not step in front of the camera more and create a tangible history to go along with life.

It provides your kids with a priceless gift they can hang onto long after you are gone. Helping them remember the way the wind blew through your hair, the way you scrunched your nose giving Eskimo Kisses, and their little hands playing with the necklace you always wore.

All the things they can look back on one day to be reminded they aren’t alone in this world.

Capture those quirks so when you wonder where your kids get it from, you can look back at your photos and realize they may be more like you than you originally thought ;)

Being a mom is hard and there are good times + bad. The ebbs and flows of life create a rough journey some days and it takes a village to survive through it all!

It won’t be long before this girl is off on her own to explore the world and mama will have these precious moments to look back on.

There is comfort in knowing she always has a place in her mama’s arms to call home even if she’s too cool to admit it!

Someone once told me we only get 18 summers with our kids at home. Gosh, that hit hard! In the grand scheme of life, that is such a small portion of time that they live under our roof isn’t it?

The other 60+ years are out on their own creating memories of their own with their kids and we can only hope we did our best to teach them the meaning of unconditional love + being present where your feet are planted.

To create and capture those memories together because when the memories in your heads fade, you’ll always have that image to look back on to remind you of how amazing it truly was.

Show your kids how to fearlessly step in front of the camera even if you are screaming inside your head. It gets easier over time and once you see the beauty in the process, you’ll learn to love yourself as they do.