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What is Emotional Fitness? | Braving the Mountain podcast

Have you ever heard the quote, “change your story, change your life” or “change your emotional state, change your life?”

I first heard this from Tony Robbins while listening to some motivational videos on YouTube and it hit me hard.

What is the story we tell ourselves about who we are? What emotions do you choose to sit in daily?

Changing your emotional state, a lot of other changes must take place. You’ve gotta change your habits, your thought patterns, and the emotions around all of it.

The state I kept myself in for so many years was, “I came from a broken home, I don’t know how to do anything.” or “I don’t have any entrepreneurs in my family so I’m not very good at this.”

My gosh, why did I let that mental state run my life for so long? YOUR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! You define you!

When I was a child my one goal in life, and I hate admitting to this because I’ve only said it to a select few people, but my main goal was to be different than those that raised me. I didn’t want to be the divorced mom, working three jobs, and having a husband that was emotionally abusive.

It made me who I am today, but it also held me back in so many ways and I’m here to tell you that if you find yourself in a situation that might be holding you back, get out and get out now!

Start working on yourself, start thinking about the thoughts creeping into your mind and take control.

You are the only person that can change the story you are telling yourself and you are the only person that can take the steps to change your life if you want something more.

Emotional fitness is being in a state where you are ready to go. Right here, right now, let’s do this and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader pushing you on!

Take that first step now, don’t hesitate because that’s when the fear creeps in! In our house, the hubs has deemed this “Amanda’s Surprise!”

I get an idea in my head and I run with it + I’m a jump in with both feet type of gal! I haven’t always been this way… I mean, I’ve always been motivated and have always had the feeling that there was something bigger than myself that I was supposed to do, but I let the fear hold me back for so long. Don’t do the same thing I did!

Jump in, take action, and take control of your life. Let’s start with something simple. Now I know I’ve talked about this before, but when I was a kid and got that journal from my Nana with the magazine article slid inside talking about all the benefits journaling could have, that planted the seed.

To this day, I still have that journal and have since passed along a journal to a friend in which I aslid that article in, but that is the simplest step you can take right now to move in the direction you want to go in life.

Some days I feel like I’m getting a little woo because recently I’ve started a manifesting journal, but we’ll save that conversation for another day!

Today, I want you to take that small step toward building a better you… that’s it! Pull out your phone, a notebook, or even a piece of paper and write ten things you are grateful for today! I promise if you add this small habit into your daily routine, you will begin to see a difference and feel a shift mentally.

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