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Empowering women with White Sheet Boudoir Sessions | Southern Utah Studio

I feel that no matter our shape or size we as women tend to be a little harder on ourselves than most.

Perhaps this is seeing our Mothers grow up with body image issues or the fact that for so long media put such an unattainable physique into the world.

Either way I am finding the power in White Sheet Sessions. A lot of times moms will come to me saying that they want to do one for their husband and then I receive the most beautiful messages about how beautiful they felt and how they finally see themselves in a different way.

It brings tears to my eyes to hear words like these:

"Thank you so very much for taking my photos! I've been struggling so much with my self image/self esteem lately and these photos really helped me to feel beautiful in my own skin. They helped me feel sexy now and not the weight I want to be. It gave me the chance to see myself a bit how my husband sees me.

I can't thank you enough, seriously!!!! You have a beautiful talent to match your amazing soul! I'll forever be grateful that I can now have my own little black book!"

When I began offering these sessions I had no idea the journey they would take me on. I take great pride in showing women the beauty I see in them, but I had no idea that it would also show them the way others see them as well.

I've had mom after mom tell me how glad they were that they went through with their session. How they wanted to cancel because they were scared. It is a vulnerable position to be in and the thought of it is terrifying, but they followed through and afterwords they tell me how grateful they were to have done it.

Most tell me that they came into the session with the plan of doing this for their hubs or main squeeze, but they left realizing how much the session did for them.

To be shown your true beauty through a lens that's not your own. To be able to see yourself as your other half does. The imperfections that you think you have melt away and you are left looking at a beautiful, empowered version of yourself.

That is where the magic happens.


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