Evans Extended Family Session | Cedar City, Utah

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There is nothing I love more than gathering with the fam + spending time with them while eating more food than I should.

One other thing I love about Thanksgiving is Extended Family sessions. This is typically the time of year that most families gather and there is no better time to update that family portrait on your wall that hasn't been refreshed since you had only one kid ;) You know who you are!

It's not often that everyone can get together so I say take full advantage of this time because if you live long distances, who knows when it may happen again. We live five hours from family and it is hard to find a time that we can drive up + the rest of the clan can make it happen. Everyone has busy lives and although the holidays seem to be a time of hustle + bustle, it also seems that it is a time when everyone is together and we slow down a bit.

Family Session, Cedar City, Utah, Photographer

Extended family sessions are one of my faves + I shoot a lot of them each year. It is so fun to see the cousins pick up right where they left off and watch all of the siblings and their spouses joke with each other.

I capture the entire family together and all of the variations you dream of having on your walls + everyone leaves with an updated family photo for the year. It's a win-win if you ask me. Tell the hubs if he participates in this years photos, he's off the hook for 364 more days right?

I also capture updated photos of all of the grandkids if you wish and I love it when you do. Photographing kids is my jam! Their personalities are killer + they always let their true emotions shine.... never a dull moment.

So if your family is gathering for the holidays and will be staying through the weekend, I always recommend taking advantage of this time. If you're worried about the stress of it all, don't! I walk you through the entire process + my sessions are more like having a fun time together instead of posing perfectly.

I want to capture the relationships you have with one another. Everyone laughing because your brother tells another one of his dorky jokes or pulls THAT face! The smolder on your grandson's face or the way he laughs when he throws dirt in his cousin's hair. That's real life + what I love to photograph so let's get together and have a blast with each other for an hour + everyone leaves happy!