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Fall is in the air... Time for family photos!

Can you feel it? It's ALMOST time for fall! I know what you're thinking -- I'm still sweating! The kids are just getting back to school, asking for the pool every day, how could I be thinking of fall already? But... it's closer than we think! Hello, it's practically pumpkin patch time, people!

With a new season comes FAMILY PHOTOS! This could be daunting for some, and so exciting for others. What do you have to celebrate this year, you might think? Whether it's a new baby, a marriage, a high school senior, or even just that you're HAPPY in the life you live.. we HAVE to document it!

I've tagged some of my favorite fall clothing items -- for style, looks, comfort, and coordination for an entire family!

Let's get you out there looking and feeling good, and capture those moments you will treasure for a lifetime! What are you waiting for?

Some favorites:

For Women:

For Men:

For the Boys:

For the Girls:

Let's get your family in front of the camera this year -- feeling good and looking so cute! We all deserve a little pampering, especially after this heck of a year, am I right?!

Talk to you guys soon,


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