Fall Photo Season Coming in Hot | Southern Utah Photographer

Fall season is coming in hot + will be here before we know it! I wanted to talk about something that most people don't seem to realize when having their photos taken by a professional.

First I just wanna say that you are paying someone for their expertise to make you look your best + capture the moments you want to hang onto forever, but did you know that clothing plays a massive part in the way your final images look?

Each location looks better with different clothing choices along with each season so I'm here to help a mama out!

With fall season coming so quick, I wanted to talk about clothing that looks great not only with the color changes that come with it, but colors that look great against greenery, red rock, or the white rock location I love.

Most of the colors I'm sharing today also look great on all skin tones + hair colors! I've also included links to make shopping real easy for you because we don't always have a ton of time on our hands to scour the world wide web!

For mamas and girls do know, I have a studio wardrobe that you are more than welcome to "shop" from! I totally get that purchasing a new outfit for everyone in the fam isn't always ideal and I've got you covered, literally!

Anyways, I wanna start by first talking color and then if you wish, you can shop the links or book your shoot and I'll show ya everything I've got in your sizes ;)

When it comes to choosing colors know that plum, slate/dusty blue, navy, emerald, teal, and sage + olive green shades look fantastic on everyone! They also provide a great contrast against any color backdrop you opt for.

So if you plan to shop, keep this in mind for the entire family. Do a little mixing + matching so you aren't too matchy, but all coordinate together and you'll be golden!

Worried about getting your kids to wear what you want? Here are my tips:

1. Let them shop with you! My kids all love to look online for clothes they love... yes, even my boy + I think it's because they don't get to be on the computer often at home.

2. Give them options + let them choose. This still allows them to feel like they were part of the process, but you narrowed it down to a few options you like and then they get the final say. Goodbye session day meltdown!

The thing about toddlers... ok, let's be honest, any kid including teens is the fact that they don't want to be told what to wear. So, if we gently guide them with some options, they'll be happier with life!

Here are some options I've found online to get you started + give you some inspo! Dig through those closets too! You never know what gems you may have forgotten about or am I the only one with this problem?!

Anyways, scroll on through + shop below! Hey, it may even give you a jumpstart on some school shopping!