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Perkins Family | Life's Trials | Southern Utah Photographer

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I got a phone call around Christmas from a lady wanting to purchase a session for a friend. She didn't tell me much other than they were an awesome family and they hadn't had portraits taken in a while.

When Scott called me I had no idea what their story was until I began talking with him. Gosh, these boys have been through so much. He told me that his wife passed a few years back from Breast Cancer and they are getting back into the swing of life.

She was 39 years old. I cannot even tell you how hard that hit me when I learned how young she was. I truly can't imagine the things they have been through between treatments, only 18 months in remission, and then finding out it was stage four and there was nothing more they could do.

For all these boys have been through, they are amazing and Scott has done such a great job continuing to raise them. They are all so kind, have huge ambitions for life and they get to do it with their guardian angel by their side.

Family Photographer, Three Peaks, utah, Southern Utah, Cedar City,

I've gotta give it to dad though. He pulled this outfits together all on is own with a little guidance from me over the phone + via email. I must say with the resources we have here in Cedar, he did pretty dang good!

We had such a blast during this session and the energy within this family was so fun to be around. You could feel the competitive spirit they all have when we raced down the road, and you could feel how much they cared for each other when I had them joke around.

These guys were a blast to be around and I'm so grateful for their sweet friend that gifted them this session. I love capturing your story and getting to know each and every one of you during your session. It has places some pretty amazing people in my path and I couldn't ask for anything more.


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