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Gibbons Family Photos | Southern Utah Photographer

I always love it when my sister-in-law comes down to visit. We were the first in the family to move away so it is fun to have visitors.

It's not very often that her husband gets to come down because work keeps him hoppin so I was so happy when she said they'd all be coming and asked if I could take some updated family photos for them while they were here. Ummmm... yes!!

These kids are hilarious! Hanna is just one of those people that are so smart and so blonde at the same time. We all give her crap, but we love her to pieces. Bry is just.... Bry! ha ha I love seeing the relationship between her and my Kenna. They play so cute and I love that they enjoy being friends.

Leeds, Utah, Southern Utah Photographer, Kids, Hurley

Now these boys on the other hand... Brock was more than ready to show off his "Two teeth five teeth smile" and I think he did a pretty good job. He is good buddies with my little boy and I love it! Aren't cousins the best?

Jaxon is the little jokester of the fam. I have one of the dorkiest laughs that I do sometimes to get kids to laugh and well, he recorded it without my knowledge. Randomly I get an audio message from him.... it was my laugh! (Insert eye covered emoji here). There's blackmail material at its finest!

Southern Utah Photographer, Albion Fit, Cedar City Utah, Natural Light

Mandy and Brian make a darling couple. They love to laugh, have a good time + travel together.

Normally I would say that Brian HATES having family photos taken + the last time we did them, it was freezing and the boys weren't feelin it that day so this time I was a little nervous.

When we were driving back to my house Brian says, "That actually wasn't too bad." Yep, I made him repeat that three times + asked if I could also catch it on video! ha

Needless to say we had a great time together! Mandy comes down and visits quite a bit and we always have a blast. I feel like we are both pretty chill, go-with-the-flow type of gals so it works out great! We chat while the kids run amuck!

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