Family Session | Kolob Canyon | Southern Utah Photographer

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Wowzer this session started off great! We made the decision to change to Kolob Canyon the day before our session and boy I'm glad we did, but it started off with me forgetting my memory cards sitting on my desk. Thankfully I had backups in my camera bag for this very reason.

I got yelled at by a park ranger who said she has had problems with me before even though I've never shot in Zion before + never met her?!

We then got chased down by a park ranger who read the permit wrong so we had to straighten that all out.... then we were finally on our merry way! ha

The weather started off a little chilly, but as the sun came out, it warmed us right up and we all had a good time.

I love the families that are able to laugh + joke around with each other. Ya know, when you can feel that they genuinely enjoy each other's company? These people did and it was a blast!

We had so much fun and gosh, isn't it beautiful here? Some days I have to pinch myself to think that this is quite literally my back yard!

As I was talking to one of the daughter's who lives in Texas she was telling me about how she can't just drive somewhere and go hiking in nature like we can here. I never really thought about that + sometimes I take it for granted.

We've become accustomed to living here and having all of these hiking opportunities at our fingertips that I never thought about the people that might live in big cities and have to drive hours to explore.

I must say it makes me so grateful for Mother Nature and her beauty as well as awesome clients that make sessions fun!