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Moreno Family Studio Session | Southern Utah Photographer

This family is always a dream to photograph! I capture their first family photos shortly after we moved here from up north four years ago. Stella was just a toddler and Vince was still a twinkle in his parents eye!

It has been so fun to see how much change they have gone through and how big this little lady has gotten + how much she loves her brother! Let me tell you that it is a lot!!

Mom said she is such a big helper and he is the sweetest baby. Just like me, mom doesn't know how to describe the relationship between her and "Vinny," but she said it is so different than she was expecting.

People always told me the same thing and I never knew what they were talking about until I had a boy. There's just something special about a boy and his mom + I love it so much. I might even be slightly jealous of you boy moms out there ;)

No, girls are fun too! They love the pretty dresses and have Dad wrapped around their finger from the moment they were placed in his arms!

There is something special about being able to photograph all of these relationships that makes me love my job so much. I get to provide you with these reminders for generations to come.

You can look back on your photos and remember the way it felt to be raising toddlers, to have your baby placed in your arms for the first time, the way your kids loved each other, how your husband looked at you.... gah, just so many feelings in one photograph!


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