BREAKING NEWS!!! Elopements are all the rage this season! For many couples a small, less costly, and more intimate ceremony is a better alternative to a big + fancy wedding.

Elopements are compact, typically less than 20 people, with an officiant at a simple ceremony. These small-scale events can be planned in as little as a week seeing as there is less details to coordinate. The most important thing about an elopement is that, at the end of the day, you are married to the person that you LOVE!

Still not feeling 100% confident about eloping instead of a wedding? Here are some reasons why!

1. $$$ Concerns

For many people, weddings can be a HUGE financial burden. One of the many benefits for having an intimate ceremony is that you can save money for either a larger reception OR for the marriage. Planning for the marriage rather than just the wedding is an excellent way to save substantial funds to achieve goals together as a couple.

2. Life Happens…

Sometimes we cannot always control the circumstances surrounding our lives that can influence our decision to elope. Sometimes that reason can just be that you are busy + don’t want to wait for life to stop to be able to celebrate. It doesn’t matter whether a couple is trying to avoid the wedding drama, deploying for active military duty, or having a baby; there is always some reason to elope!

3. Family First!

Depending on your unique situation, many couples choose to have a rather small ceremony to avoid having a large family affair. For a bride-to-be an event designed to throw two people’s families together can be VERY stressful! Most elopements call for immediate family members only which can take lots of the unnecessary pressures off.

4. Intimacy Always

I don’t know about you but the idea of a small gathering of all of the people closest to me celebrating my love sounds AMAZING! Having a low-key ceremony and keeping the whole event private may actually be preferred for many. With a small, private elopement the ceremony can be held anywhere with a somewhat flexible timeframe.


Sometimes what’s considered the “norm” is not always right for you + your relationship… and that is OKAY! Always remember that the day you get married is YOUR special day so GO CRAZY!!! Do what makes you happy and what feels right :)

With Love,