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Frazer Family | Southern UTah Photography Studio

What a fun family this was. Grandpa called me and wanted to book a session with his daughter and Grandson. I did headshots for Harold several months ago and I was beyond excited when he wanted to come back.

We had a blast being wild in the studio and captured some fun shots to remember this phase of life. Kids change quickly + it's always fun to document the quirky things they do!

Maybe as mamas we all know that when we get around a stranger our kids think they need to "show off?" Well, this guy fit right in + ran wild for a little bit, but the funny thing about kids is there seems to be a sense of FOMO!

Anytime I'd have his mom and Grandpa stand together for a photo, he'd run right over to be a part of it. I feel like this works so well with kids when we want them to do something right?

All we have to do is start doing the thing we want them to and suddenly, they jump right in! Some days it's tricky to wrangle a toddler in a small studio space, but we certainly get it done + everyone leaves happy.

So, if you think you're the only one with a wild toddler and you don't dare book a studio session, but have always wanted one... DON'T STRESS!! I've got you mama!! We can do this together, I promise!

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