The Best Gift You Can Give is Photography | Cedar City, UT Photographer

If there is one gift that will be the most cherished of all, it is the gift of memories. One thing we cannot get back in this life is time, but we can freeze it, if only for a second and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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My kids absolutely love going through all of our old photo albums and talking about the things they did in those moments as they look at the images.

A photograph freezes a moment in time and sparks our memories as we look back at them.

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There is nothing that makes my mama heart happier when I walk into a room and my kids are reminiscing while looking at photos.

This is one time I think they forget they are siblings and any fighting is replaced with giggles, laughs, detail sharing + passing the photos back and forth.

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If you want to give a gift that will truly last for generations, give the gift of memories and purchase a gift card or a session for a friend, loved one, or family member. It may be something they were thinking about and just needed the push to do it.

With the holidays coming up, this would be a fantastic gift to give your Mom or Mother-in-Law. They always love having those updated portraits especially when there are kids growing and changing each year.

The session will give them fresh photos to fill their frames and you won't have to give them anymore crap about having old photos on the walls!

Gift cards also make fantastic gifts at Baby Showers. I've had many mom's come to me and were so grateful that their parents or friends got them a Newborn Session as a gift.

When you have a new baby and are sleep deprived, if you never scheduled beforehand, it could be two weeks before you think about scheduling your Newborn Session.

Having a baby is such a unique time in your lives and kids are only little once. Capture it while you can because once the time passes, you cannot get it back.

Pregnancy, Sisters, Natural Light, Studio, Southern, Utah, Cedar City, Maternity

These two wanted to do a session together. They are sisters and due just weeks apart. They had such a fun time comparing belly sizes, jokes, and pregnancy stories as their mom and I laughed along.

I tell you what their personalities couldn't be more opposite, but there was one thing they both agreed on. Photos were an important part of their journey and they were so happy they captured these.