Green fields family session | Cache Valley, Utah

I moved to Southern Utah four years ago and one of the first things I remember thinking to myself was not only how ugly everything was, but also how small the mountains were! ha

I grew up in Cache Valley surrounded by lush green fields and endless opportunities for session locations.

Then we moved to the Southern Utah desert and let's just say it took a minute to get used to! I love it now, but I also love a good excuse to go back and shoot sessions in the green when we are up visiting family.

This family was so darling! She won a giveaway and I was so excited to be able to head back up north and take their photos.

They had the most darling baby girl + mom is also a photographer! Yes, it was a little nerve racking for sure.

I was beyond excited to find a vast green field even if it ended up being taller than anticipated once we got out of our cars!

Their baby is absolutely darling and we had a blast playing together.

All the good things happened during this session. I was telling them that Vanessa was a cute little stink and Kalina says, "Oh, does she stink?" ha She sniffed her bum and sure enough she was poopy!

She was a good sport through the session and so was dad! Kalina plucked a nose hair at one point and somehow it ended up in his teeth. As she was trying to get it out he was getting more grossed out which led to all of us laughing hysterically.

It was a fun evening with a fun family as we captured beautiful images in my favorite light!