Happy six months JJ + Merry Christmas a few weeks late

One of my friends called and wanted to schedule a little six month session for her baby boy + get some Christmas photos a little late because... life! I was more than happy to oblige. I dug out the tree and got to decorating!

I do have to say that her kids are soooo adorable! JJ is sitting up on his own, but still at that wobbly phase and Lyrik is well, Lyrik. She picked her nose, ran out the door + tried to do everything but get her picture taken! ha Then Jossy just sat and posed perfectly. She's old enough that she takes instruction well, but she also loves to have her photos taken so it is so much fun.

Mama picked the most darling outfits + one benefit of getting Christmas photos a little late is that all the Christmas is on clearance ;)

Sessions with kids are seriously the best! I absolutely love that they let their true colors shine + don't have a care in the world about what anyone thinks about it.

Can you even handle this baby boy? He is chunky to the max + those baby boobs... oh boy was I dying. There's nothing better than a chunky little baby with allll the rolls.

Milestone sessions are so fun! Kids change so much especially during that first year of life that it is so fun to document all of the changes. It seems that we take them home from the hospital looking one way and the next week they look completely different.