Heidi and Dave | White Sheet Boudoir Photographer | Cedar City, Utah

Wowza is the only word I have for this session! I met Heidi a couple years ago when another photographer here in Cedar City did a styled shoot for her daughter.

She was SO much fun + if you’ve ever seen her daughter, you now know where she gets it from!

Anyways, we had a White Sheet Session booked and Heidi planned to go to Vegas to find something to wear for it and turned it into a weekend getaway with the hubs. She messaged me the day before to ask if we could include her hubby as well because… you see why!

Anyways, I was all for it! I haven’t shot many couples Boudoir sessions, but if there’s one thing you should know about me is the fact that I’m all about being classy, not trashy! Ha

These two…. Gah! Comin’ off of a spicy weekend together without kids sure had the feelings fresh and they are simply a beautiful couple + some of the most fun people to be around.

Dave had worked a grave shift the night before and honestly, kudos to you for not only wanting to be involved, but also wanting to come support your wife! I mean, the benefit of tagging along was also being able to watch right?!

Anyways, I am now a firm believer that everyone should have photos like this with their main squeeze. This is the legacy we leave behind + how fun will it be for our kids to find these when we are gone?! Again, this is why we aim for classy and not trashy… that might leave something sketchy for them to find later.

Heidi said she was thinking about hanging them throughout the house to embarrass the kids! Ha I mean, that’s why we had kids right? Not only to embarrass them, but let’s show them what life in a relationship should look like.

The divorce rates these days are sky high and all I know is that I want a relationship as spicy as this one ;) Is it perfect? NO! Is it easy? NO.

Marriage certainly takes work, but if you both find it within you to give each other what you both need, then I can tell ya it’s not gonna be too shabby!

Needless to say, this session was a blast! It started off with some push-ups and me putting this girl on the spot to ask if I can use her images in a course I’m creating… bless your soul for saying yes!

My goal for these sessions is to show you the beauty I see in you and leave you feeling empowered when you walk out of my studio doors.

You are all so beautiful in your own way and I love it when I get emails after delivering your gallery about how you saw something in yourself and can now see what your husband sees.

Every woman deserves to have beautiful images of yourselves and deserve having the best love story you can possibly conjure up for yourself!

You may need to put in some work to create that love story, but I’m here to tell you it’s totally possible!