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How to get out the door on time with kids | Southern Utah Photographer

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If there is one thing about being a mom that is sooo hard + no one really tells you about, it is you will never be on time again!

Getting out the door with kids is definitely a task in itself let alone getting somewhere on time.

I used to be the gal that loved being 15 minutes early to any event, work, meetings, etc... The moment we had our first was the day I kissed that all goodbye!

I never in a million years anticipated what it took to get out the door with a baby let alone more than one however, there are a few tips and tricks I picked up along the way + I am happy to share them all with you:

1. Pack your bags the night before: go through your diaper bag to be sure you have enough diapers, wipes, an extra outfit, a pacifier, an empty bottle if you have frozen milk or a bottle with water + extra formula if you are formula feeding. I always kept both just in case.

As your baby gets older, keep some baby food pouches and puffs in your bag so if you get in a crunch they won't starve! We all know the meaning of "hangry" right?

2. Lay out your clothes the night before: Remember in school when you would pick your outfits out for the week?! Maybe it was just me, but I always hated standing in my closet for 20 minutes trying to figure out what I felt like wearing that day.

I still do the same thing today! I think these people planning their capsule wardrobes are onto something!

3. Wake up an hour earlier than everyone else and get yourself completely ready: I learned quickly that if I woke up an hour earlier than everyone and got myself ready, my mornings went sooo much smoother. Yep, I was sleep deprived + tired, but if I was ready to go and all I had to do was get everyone else ready, I was a lot less stressed.

I always hated when I thought I needed 30 extra minutes of sleep... in reality I probably did, but boy was I grumpy getting everyone else ready when I knew I still had myself to make presentable as well!

There's always the days we don't mind if our kids sleep in, they don't and the days we hope they sleep like usual, they wake up much earlier. I promise, that extra hour will only feel like ten minutes!

4. Plan for your baby to either poop or blow-out right before you go to scoop them up + head out: Just tell yourself you are going to leave 10 minutes earlier than you really need to because without fail, kids crap their pants at the worst possible times.

I'm almost positive they plan it in their heads, but I do believe that if we walk out the front door with enough time to handle a mishap, it will also prevent that meltdown on our end. If no mishap occurs... hey, we arrive at our destination with a few minutes to spare or we can chat with the sitter a little longer ;)

5. Don't forget to pack your things that you will need for the day ahead: If you are headed to work, make sure your bag is packed and lunch is grab-and-go ready in the fridge so all you have to do is snag it on your way out as well.

I liked to have my bag packed and sitting on the counter by the drawer with my keys..... and I make sure my keys are actually in the drawer ;) Sometimes I leave them in my coat pocket if I had to carry stuff in the night before and I scramble trying to find them for 10 minutes before remembering where they are

I'm definitely a planner, but I had to get even better at it once I started having kids. Getting out the door became a chore + even more so when you have a nursing or bottle-fed baby to feed.

Just remember one day, they will become independent and it does get easier and easier with time and then.... we decide to have another! ha

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