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How to rock your online presence and boost sales with flat-lays | Southern Utah Commercial Photograp

Want to know the quickest way to boost your sales + rock your online presence? Flat-lay and studio photos friends.

Commercial Photographer, Southern Utah, Cedar City, Iron County, Boutique, Shopsmall, business, product photographer

Here's the story... you start up this darling boutique and don't have much money coming in yet so you try to do alllll the things; marketing, product creation, shipping, customer service, and photography. You quickly find that you are barely scraping by and when you are doing well in one area, you find yourself failing in another.

You cringe at the thought of spending the dollars not yet rolling in, but you are in desperate need of help. The thought of outsourcing sounds scary and you don't know the next step to take.

I am here to tell you the best thing I have done for myself is outsourced. There's a reason you started the business you did + that passion will quickly die with your business if you don't do something. One of the quickest ways to bump your sales online is to rock your presence. When potential customers see a messy feed and unprofessional photos, it doesn't display your product in its best light. If you had to make a choice between flat-lays or lifestyle because you are needing to save some pennies to try this out, flat-lays or at least studio images are the way to go. They capture your creation in the best way and allow your customers to get a complete look at the products you have to offer.

I don't know about you, but I am very particular when buying items that I am going to use a lot or wear. I like to be able to see the back pockets on that pair of shorts or the snaps on a bib... strange?! Maybe, but I like to get a complete picture of what I am buying because I know what I like and most people do too.

So for you frazzled boutique owner, find a photographer that fits your needs and try it out. Once you rock your web presence with a consistent feed and imagery, your return on investment will all be worth it.

Bibs: @golden_strands

Doll: @ohbabybrand


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