How To Save So You Can Hire The Photographer You Want | Cedar City, Utah

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I hope you are all having a fantastic day today and your week is going smoother than mine. Some days life is a circus and some days I feel like I might be making some progress. Two steps forward, one step back right?!

I wanted to talk to you guys today and tell you how we save each year to hire the photographer we want to take our photos and why you get more when you invest more.

I truly believe that there is a photographer out there for everyone and we are all in different places not only in our businesses, but with our skills. You have to be the one to decide what kind of experience you want as well as what kind of quality.

I am the type of person that truly values photography and I LOVE picking the photographer whose work I love and being able to hire them because we worked hard all year to make it happen.

When I am prepping for a photography session, I go all out. I love to get my hair and makeup done because it doesn't happen often. I want beautiful photos to hang on my walls in my home. I want to know the photos are going to last and I will be able to pass them on through the generations that follow.

Growing up I loved going through old photo albums and listening to my mom, my aunt, and my grandma tell stories about each photo it contained. There is no other way to have a visual memory other than through photography or video.

Sure, you can take as many images as you'd like on your phone, but at the end of the day, do they really make it into print? If they do, is that image archival quality and will it last for 100+ years? Can you print large sizes? No, you simply can't. Phones can't replace cameras or experiences.

These are the things I care about. The legacy I leave behind. I want future posterity to see that we didn't always have it together and that is ok. I want to be the happy behind all of the chaos that pushes them through the tough times. Who knows, maybe I'll get to watch it all play out from heaven ;)

To be able to hire the photographer that we want and go all out coordinating new outfits we save. I decide who I want to hire for that year and how much I am going to need and I pull a little bit out each month until session day.

The key for me here is to set a deadline. Yes, I book our session first and then I begin to save. I generally book about 6 months in advance to give myself plenty of time.

If I don't book ahead of time, I try to give myself a timeline on when I want our photos taken and I just start to save. Even if it's $25 a paycheck, it adds up quickly and then when I do book, I adjust accordingly.

The next thing I do is put it in either a separate account named "Family Photos" or I pull cash and put it in an envelope named the same thing. It seems that when I give that money a purpose, I refuse to touch it. I do this with our vacation fund as well ;)

I truly feel that everyone deserves to have their story told beautifully and deserve an amazing experience as well. As with anything else, it can be a shock when you find that photographer that you love and the price doesn't quite fit into your budget. If you make a budget and a plan, you can get what you want.

If you want more of a boutique style experience where you are guided through the entire thing and it really is an experience, you will pay more.

If you only want some photos just to say they are done for the year, it will cost you a little less.

There is a photographer and a price point out there for everyone. You just have to find what fits your needs best and make it happen!

I'm the gal that will guide you through the entire thing + deliver a gallery of beautifully edited photos at the end. For studio sessions, I provide a mama + kids wardrobe so instead of investing in all new clothing, you can shop my closet if you wish.

I provide beautiful prints and canvases that I am willing to stand behind if you choose to order from me as well. It is not a requirement, but an option for those wanting the higher quality pro labs offer.

Once you decide what you are wanting from your photographer and photos this year, start saving and make it happen!