If this, then what?

If you don’t believe in yourself and you hang onto that limiting belief, you will not grow.

Are you limiting yourself with self-deprecating thoughts? Wondering why someone would come to you and your business, and not someone else’s? I’ll tell you why. People want to go to you because YOU are freaking awesome. There’s only ONE you. That’s your secret sauce! You bring something unique to the table that no one else can.

If you’re just getting started on your journey, but you’re not feeling yourself quite yet, sit down and start the “IF THIS, THEN WHAT” statements! If this happens, then what will I do? I’ve found for me, having scheduled work time (while being a work from home mama) has helped me A TON. Of course, it doesn’t ALWAYS work perfectly. Kids get sick, appointments are made, life happens. However, because I’ve planned a little ahead, I have room for life to happen and stay present, while also being the boss babe that I am!

Life happens. Kids get sick, last minute emergencies happen, life brings abrupt changes sometimes. But, don’t let it stop your dream! Adjust where needed in order for your dream to still get accomplished, no matter what life throws at you! Life is going to happen, so plan ahead! Give yourself some flexibility so your dreams and goals are not put to a halt because of it.

Don’t say “oh well” and throw in the towel. Find a way around it, find time! Leave room in your schedule for everyone, and DON’T forget to include yourself in that schedule. Find what success looks like for you, and work with it!