HELLO, HELLO!!! Let me tell ya this session was quick, painless, and FUN-filled!

Kayla and her beautiful family met me at the base of Cedar Canyon and followed me up to a NEW location that I had been dying to check out. The best part about Southern Utah is that there are so many awesome locations to shoot at + all within TWO HOURS of Cedar City!!

The kids sured loved all of the dirt + trees (especially the sticks HAHA) to explore! Goldie found a stick that looked like deer antlers and was OBSESSED during the whole session!! It was ADORABLE :)

Shiloh + Sage, such feisty little GALS!! I asked each of the kids to give me their best power pose and they certainly DID NOT disappoint.

You can tell that this family really loves each other, including mom + dad! I still remember all of the laughs from this session and cannot wait for to see everything that these kids will accomplish in the future.

I LOVE that Kayla appreciates a good candid photo just as much as Amanda + I do! I think they really showcase each person’s unique personality which is the BEST part of taking regular family photos :)

PEOPLE CHANGE!!! Especially our cute little kiddos who are constantly on the GO! It is nice to be able to look back on your photos and remember who they were in that very moment.

The best part is… the sessions are so FAST they just feel like all FUN + NO WORK! Pretty opposite to the normal phrase everyone’s used to HUH?!

With Love,