Kvamme Family | DoTERRA Oils | Cedar City, UT

I couldn't have asked to photograph a sweeter family if I tried. This couple is one of the most humble and generous that I have ever met.

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Jon contacted me about taking their photos because he was being featured in the DoTERRA Magazine and needed an editorial style shoot for the article. Although these aren't the images that were submitted, they are some of my favorites of this gorgeous family!

He and his wife Lynn took DoTERRA to Europe after they had such a wonderful experience with them. Jon told me growing up he always had allergies and they got worse as he got older. One of his friends who was a DoTERRA distributor at the time asked him if he'd give them a try.

Needless to say he did and hasn't been the same since. The oils worked beautifully and he was hooked. He became a distributor as well and has since introduced the oils into Europe.

Even though they have had huge success working their tails off, they are so very humble and kind. I enjoyed being able to visit with them and talk about the holidays and being able to give back to others.

Their kids joined us for part of the shoot and it was so much fun to have the opportunity to meet everyone. Their two daughters are beautiful like their mama + their son in law fits in great.

I love being able to document your lives as it is now. The Beauty Behind Life's Chaos is what we as mothers rarely see because we are in the middle of it all. I am so grateful to be able to give you a tangible reminder that it exists no matter what stage of life you are in.

There were lots of laughs, lots of chatter + plenty of fun. Their home is a photographer's dream with all of the natural light and Lynn's decorating style was right up my alley. They are very simple, love neutral tones, and the aesthetic was stunning.

Jon loves to head out the door and run the hilltops near their home. I'm telling ya, I've got some serious goals here. I love to hike + having allll the trails in the backyard would be amazing + the views... they can't be beat.