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Kylea | Southern Utah University Graduate | Cedar City, UT Photographer

Southern Utah University, SUU, Graduation, College, Cedar City, Photographer,

Congrats to all the graduates this year! I sure hope you were wildly successful and find joy in doing something you love.

I absolutely love watching you chase down your dreams and feeling the zest you have for your next step in life during your session.

For some, college isn’t what you want to do and I think that’s fantastic too! I got my college degree because I WANTED one for MYSELF! No one in my family had graduated college and I’m not sure if that was something I wanted to prove to myself I could do, but either way, the dream was there and you better believe I did it!

I always get excited when this is a dream you have for yourself and you ask me to capture the “final show” per se! The celebration photos that say “I did it” so you can share that excitement with those that mean the most.

To be honest, as I’ve dove further into life, my thoughts have shifted so much as to how I feel about school in general. When school got cancelled for the last few months last year, the realization hit me that if my 8th grader never went back, she had already been taught the skills she needs for the rest of her life. Crazy RIGHT?!

I mean, unless you have dreams of being an engineer, nurse, doctor, or something like that, those middle and high school classes just aren’t serving you when it comes to that!

We all need to read, to do basic math, but I always wonder what about the self-care classes, family finance, etc…

Ok, ok, off my rant and back to Kylea because she’s a doll! She taught my Ella in gymnastics and fights wildfires with the firemen all summer long + loves it.

She’s thought about PA school but hasn’t decided yet and that’s ok! I think sometimes society places what seem to be chronological steps for life on us, but as I’ve gotten older and talked to more graduates during sessions, you begin to realize that no one should give you a timeline except for you.

Life has shifted so much over the years to the point that things that were societal “norms” are no longer and we are able to go in so many directions in life + people are living longer so the sense of urgency that some might feel can get brushed to the wayside as we figure ourselves out. How cool is that?

Ok, soap box central over here today, but gosh, I just think that it is so cool that more and more of us are deciding what we want to do in life and have realized that we don’t need a specific timeline anymore to make it happen.

Life is meant to be enjoyed + new things experienced any chance we get so I was so happy to hear that Kylea was doing just that!

So, if you are graduating in the near future from either high school or college, I hope you find something you love and chase it with all your heart without letting society's little voice pop into your head to make you feel like you need to be doing something that doesn’t interest you!

Maybe this too is a little note to my kids to learn to chase their dreams and don’t let the influence of anyone else drive your life.

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