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Lessons learned | Seniors of 2020 | Southern Utah Photographer

Seniors, I know that it felt like the walls came crashing down the last couple months of YOUR year. Thus far, this has been your life for the past four years... seeing friends daily, dances, sports, and hanging out.

I know this pandemic sucked, but I am here to tell you one thing. Once all of this is over and you move into the next phase of life, it won't matter.

You will look back and realized what mattered most were the people closest to you. The basketball game will soon be forgotten and next year's team will be the new kids on the block playing now, the dance with the date you had been dying to go with will still be in your life if they truly matter and have the desire to be.

Your Senior year is supposed to be the year to celebrate you and this huge milestone in your life, but let's also look at this as the time that you had the opportunity to keep your family healthy and safe. To make it through the storm with those you loved the most.

Perhaps you and a sibling were drifting apart, but this time spent together brought you back and deepened the relationship and made you realize how much you need them in your life. You now see them through a different perspective.

The passing time and missed opportunities to be social were hard, but I promise the friends that matter most are still here now and they will be forever if that is how it is supposed to play out.

After graduating high school, I realized the people that were worth taking the time for and those that weren't. I realized the mistake I made during that time as well and the relationships I put on the back burner for my special someone. Today what matters to me is that special someone I made the most important thing in my life at that time is still here by my side today. We have an amazing relationship and four beautiful kids.

My family relationships that needed mending have been to a point and I realize that it could have been done sooner.

I don't remember who won each and every basketball or football game I attended. Sure, I had a great time with friends, but the majority of them aren't in my life anymore because our lives took us down different paths.

Now is the time to get your head right. Look at the people who are sticking by your side through all of this. Who takes the time to send that text or make that call to ask how you are doing?

Who respects the fact that your sibling, mom, or dad might be diabetic and they don't make you feel dumb for wanting to keep your distance. Instead they respect that. We can only control us, but we cannot control what others do.

Right now there is fear, there is hope, and there is love. When all the dust settles I hope you realize what really matters most.

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