Leveling up Sales in business with Jillian Murphy | Braving the Mountain Podcast

Join me today on the podcast as we chat with the sales queen Jillian Murphy!

I am SO excited about this episode! Jill taught us so much and how she came to be the “sales queen.” She started out in the sales and marketing space and during the pandemic like many of us, her career shifted, life threw curveballs at her and she lost her multiple 6 figure income and in a brief second, quickly thought, “what can I do?” and moved to the online space because she had seen so many of her friends going online selling things and to be quite honest, they didn't know what the heck they were doing. She said they were trying to sell things that didn't know what they were doing and thought, maybe I can help some of them. Her business was birthed out of that. Since I already had a sales background, she was coined the sales queen. Her business covers all things sales, marketing, personal branding and all the things.

Jillian said that the very first thing that she did was create a Facebook group, because she knew that in order to sell anything whether it was products and services or whether it was going to be network marketing products. Whatever it was, she needed to have people.

She learned quickly that her audience didn't want that they never asked for. That they did not want this. They did not want a membership. They did not want Jill showing up and teaching to the masses they wanted to write large checks to have Jill on 1 on 1 calls and that's what happens when we sell something. She said that one of the most important things that she discovered was building out a customer journey for your clients, because what happens so often is she sees people build coaching programs and then it's over in 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks and then it's like, oh thanks for working with me. No, no, no, no, you want to keep them for a long time right? Jill has people that have been with her for fifteen, sixteen, eighteen months.

She said one of her biggest pieces of advice is, “you have to have a decisiveness about you that you're confident, that you can help somebody, so I have a very different way of selling. It's called a lean back approach and what that means is I'm like, this is what I offer and when you're ready I'm here and it puts 0 pressure on anybody. There's 0 pressure from me. There's 0 pressure put on you and that's probably why I sell something every single day because it's just a very casual, good feeling. It's a good feeling from me and it's a good feeling from you. But if you have this scarcity feeling or I gotta sell, I gotta sell, I gotta sell, that’s going to stall your progress and sales.

We talked earlier about what made me successful in the online space. I never ever ever wake up and say to myself I have to sell something today. Because that also puts everyone in a really bad position. It puts me in a bad position to sell it puts me in a bad position to follow up. It puts me in a bad position to send a link. It puts me in a bad position to collect an invoice like it just puts everyone in a bad position. So I also encourage you, don't get into this space if you think like that. You're gonna make money today and you have to sell to make money because that's also like a really bad and a bad energetic place for everyone involved.”

Do 1 thing every day. 1 small thing towards action. You know you Rome wasn't built in a day. You don't have to do a hundred things tomorrow. Do 1 thing, one little action every day. Your business is a pipeline. Think about like a pvc pipe and the results are at the bottom and the more things you put in at the top, the more you fill it and the more results will start to pop out, so the more little things that you do, the more results that you're gonna have. So just do 1 to 2 little things a day and then 3 to 4 and then 5 to 6 and then more. Results are the more action you put at the top. The more results will ultimately fill the bottom up for the results.

If you’re a mom or women out there, who are maybe fearful or just have a dream in your heart, you’re ready to brave that mountain, just remember, if it is in you it is for you! So lets go, let’s brave the mountain together!

Thanks for joining us!

You can find Jill here: https://www.instagram.com/thejillianmurphy/ Find Amanda: https://www.amandaclark.biz/