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Leveling up your Life and Motherhood with Susanne Puerschel | Braving the Mountain Podcast

Do you have a dream in your heart but haven’t taken that first step out of fear? Join us as Suzanne shares how she braved her mountain in life and in business as a woman and mom. She shares that you should find the people that will take that first and second and third step with you by your side because it is so important, if not the most important thing, to be able to take that next step without feeling that chain that pulls us back down right? We need to up our level, our environment and that starts with people that we're surrounded by so young. The right people.

Suzanne tells us about how there was a point in her life where she was sabotaging herself and talked about it’s because she was clinging to the familiar. How many women do this? How many, and I shouldn't even say women, I think this is probably just people in general. How many of us are so scared of the unfamiliar to take that step?

We know, we sabotage ourselves. I always think about this little person going up the stairs. So say you hop up 2 stairs. Into a new identity because essentially you've had to shift from: you were a dancer, you were a mother, you were a wife, you were… and you've taken on all these identities on this journey to finding you again. But yes, you are a mom, you are a wife. But you now know who you are and that's constantly evolving. Let me go back to my steps here but we hop up 2 steps and it's like that old version of us has a chain around our waist. Like no come back. Come back. Suzanne’s breaking point was, she just up and quit one day.Then it evolved into an airbnb business.

We do just things subconsciously thinking it will just lead us down a path that we're like, why did I do that? Why was I not aware of where I'm heading? That's because we already have made a decision in our deepest, deepest self that we're not brave enough really to face. Okay, it's gonna leave that there and then we do things we don't show up for meetings or we make decisions that are head based or fear based and not come from. From our gut or our heart. Um, and that's what I call sabotaging myself and there are many, many other things like hitting the snooze button 50 times or having an argument with somebody where you could just save your energy and say you know what? Not worth my time.

A lot of people too, will hate the situation they're in but they don't know how to change it and the very first step that I feel like in changing something, is what are you thinking every day? What are you telling yourself? My situation sucks. I wish I had more money. I wish I had this job. I wish I was doing this. It begins with your thoughts. Those are all forms of self sabotage, if you shift your focus to those forms of negativity, your brain's going to keep you there. You're going to stay in the same perpetual cycle of the negativity that you're living in. When Suzanne realized the decision was hers, how empowering because she’s always known that. But honestly, once that hits you in the heart. It's stuck. The decision is yours and if you don't choose to think different thoughts, to focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. You're going to get somewhere. Stop focusing on the things that you hate about your life. Life's going to be hard. It's going to stay hard if you stay in that mindset.

But do you want to hit 10 years down the road and still be sitting in that same hard because that's all you focused on? Or do you want to do some hard work and pull yourself out of it? If you listen to Suzanne's story, she pulled herself out of a lot of crappy situations. Between losing everything with her first business, from self-sabotaging at her job and just quitting her job that she knew wasn't going to put her in an easy situation, but she didn't even stress about it. She just came home and said, hey we've got $60 the day to live on. Here we go. We're going to do this and she just did it!

You can do anything you put your mind to, mother or not, busy or not. I’m here cheering you on every step of the way!!!

You can find Suzanne here:

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