Life hacks that help me mentally | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

I remember back in the day... like way back into my childhood days, my Nana gave me a journal with a magazine article inside. In the article it talked about how much writing out our emotions and thoughts could help us get through hard times.

I never realized how much that would play into my life through the years. Growing up wasn't all skittles + rainbows for me. I remember many fights between my mom and my biological dad, the cops being at our house, trying to adjust to having a step-dad, another divorce, and watching my mom work her buns off to provide.

Through it all, I continued to write in my journal, scrapbook, and document the happy times with friends. Little memoirs to look back on and remember it all.

As time passed, I got a little worse at writing in my journal. I wrote when I remembered, but it was turning into months and then years between entries.

Last year I made the goal to write at least once a week, this was mainly due to a fitness group I had joined and this was one of our assignments, but it was the best thing I could have done for myself. As I dove back in and committed, I could feel a weight being lifted from my shoulders and the brain fog I felt like I was experiencing disappeared.

Months later, I never knew how much writing would mean to me. As I sit at my computer today and type this I can tell you how much getting back into writing has helped. My blog is quickly becoming my reprieve from the stresses of the world and helping + inspiring others is what I dream of doing.

Going through a period of Social Isolation as they are calling it has left me finding ways to cope once again. As I begin writing in my journal and typing posts, I can feel my mood lighten + old childhood habits coming back.

Exercise was one of my biggest coping mechanisms growing up and has continued to be an outlet for me today. I find myself craving it more and more the past few weeks especially. I'm finding the time to get my early morning workout in + an afternoon walk in the sunshine has helped so much.

During a workout, when I'm feeling a little down, I love repeating positive affirmations in my mind. Not only does it take my mind off of my burning muscles, but it leaves me feeling refreshed and like I can conquer what life throws at me that day.

So here's to old (but good) habits making their way back into my life + writing to keep me emotionally sane! There's nothing better than sorting my feelings out in a book + cheering myself on during my workout to leave me feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted again.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!