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Lucy Newborn | Cedar City, UT Studio Photographer

You guys, this little lady was a dream! I'm finding that the sweet spot for Newborn sessions is between 5-7 days. They are still soooo squishy + they're still a little more sleepy.

Big sister during this session was adorable and wanted nothing to do with it... at all! ha It took a lot of coaxing and letting her just be to get the photos we did with her in them. Her world just got rocked and she wasn't sure what to think about being in the studio!

Regardless of all of the excitement, it felt good to be back at it with a darling family. This was baby number two and mom said she was feeling better as far as recovery goes with this one than she did her first.

Gosh, she went all natural for her birth and I'm telling ya, I don't know that I could have done it. She said the contractions got pretty uncomfortable, but as long as she could move and be up, it helped a lot.

She surprised herself with how in control she stayed through it all and although it was a lot, I feel that we as women don't give ourselves enough credit at times.

I think it's amazing this mama accomplished what she set out to do and can look back proud of how well she did it.

It's never an easy thing bringing a child into the world in any way, but boy the journey still blows my mind. I cannot believe that we can grow an actual human being!

These girls were darling + mom and dad were excited to have a new little one to snuggle again, but they said Jane now seems so big!

It's true friends, you have another baby and suddenly your first looks like they turned into a teenager overnight!

These two are going to be the best of friends and I cannot wait to watch them grow.


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