Luo Family | Utah Lifestyle Photographer

To be invited into someone's home and capture life as they live it is such an amazing opportunity and I can't help but feel so grateful for it.

This family was darling and their little girl.... a doll!! Don't worry, when I told her she was adorable she said, "I know, everyone says that!" She was a little spit-fire and so fun to chat with during the session.

Baby brother was sleeping during the first part, so we had the opportunity to capture building blocks with Dad, reading books, and Nina showing Mom the picture book she made!

It was fun capturing mom getting brother out of bed after his nap + that hair!! Can you even handle it?

Gosh, I love capturing these memories. The life they're living in a home they love. They moved here from the big city and are loving + hating things about country life, but enjoying where they are at which is with each other and that is what matters most!