Laynah Boys

Hello lovelies- I hope you are having a fantastic day! I am so excited to share this session today because I love child sessions, I love when mama joins in + I love when they bring something that means a lot such as this darling knit outfit.

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This guys' Great-grandma knitted this little outfit for him and I am so happy that his mama wanted him photographed in it. I love how it is old fashioned + a style we don't see anymore. He looked absolutely adorable in it and we hope we put the hat on right!

I photographed him and his brother this day. Mom and Dad had tried for years to have a baby and when things weren't working out, they decided to adopt. As they were going through the adoption process they found out they were pregnant and also found out they had the opportunity to adopt a little boy. They had Benjamin and then they went to pick up this little almost one year old in California.

They were so darling during their session and fed off of each other's energy. Mom was worried they wouldn't last long, but they did fantastic and those smiles.... they could melt anyone into a puddle!