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Merichia Motherhood | Cedar Breaks Utah Photography

Gosh I've known this mama for what feels like ages at this point. We actually met in a BNI group when I first moved to Cedar back in 2016.

She kept to herself a little bit more and it wasn't until I started sending Dustin to her to get his nose and eyebrows waxed that we started talking more.

I've done her pregnancy photos + the boys and I was so excited to capture it all again in one of my favorite locations, Cedar Breaks!

Gosh, there's just something about the mountains, a beautiful mama + darling boys that melts my heart. I feel that every mom deserves beautiful photos of yourself that you can look back on for years to come.

I will say that boys are so very different than girls amiright?! I have three girls and one boy + heaven help this mama! The energy housed in such tiny bodies is insane and they think very different... definitely no shortage of potty words ;)

I love the keep sessions light + fun. I don't love a lot of posing, but rather more playing and being present where your feet are planted with your kids while doing your best to ignore the camera which I promise won't be right in your face!

Plan for lots of laughter and no lectures on how to act in the car on the way up. Believe me, I have four and we all know the embarrassing things that can come out of their mouths.

Just know, I've been there and you are not alone mama! I too have had a screaming kid in Wal Mart + one that learned a few words she shouldn't have and let them fly at a stranger.

We've all had similar experiences so don't even stress it when your kids do something that makes you want to crawl in a hole!

Let's just have a good time + create some memories that leave you feeling like you just spent time with a family friend.... it's like guided playtime for the kids and I promise you're gonna love it!

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