Chasing Models Down In Wal Mart | Cedar City Photographer | Southern Utah

I'm afraid to admit that I legit chased this girl down at Wal Mart! I was shopping with my daughter and we were over by the meat section when this girl walks past me and I thought, "She's stunning + how fun would she be to photograph?!" I kind of watched the direction she headed and we continued with getting the final item we needed. As soon as we put it in the cart, I looked at Kenna and said, "We are going to find that girl," and off we went!

I felt like a crazy running up and down aisles with Kenna trying to find her. (I guess it's a good thing we were at Wal Mart right?) We had made it through nearly the entire store and I was about to give up because I thought maybe she had already checked out and was gone. So, to the check out stands we headed as quickly as we could so we could see if maybe she was still in the parking lot. Lo and behold, we ran right into her in front of the check out stands!!

I walked up to her and told her I felt like a creeper, because we spent the last ten minutes running around the store searching for her, but I would love to photograph her if she was interested!

She was actually very graceful about my craziness and took it as a compliment. I left her a card and went on my way. Honestly, she's not the first person I have approached + perhaps I just freaked the others out because none of them called. I didn't expect much this day, but I had to try right?

We checked out, put groceries in the car and I got a text just as I hopped into my seat. It was an excited yes from her and she couldn't wait to work with me! EEEKKK!! Believe me, I was excited as well!

The session was a blast! Seriously you guys, what a beautiful person inside and out with a maturity far beyond her years. She told me the story of how she got scouted in an IKEA bathroom while washing her hands and that I should not feel like a creeper at all!

Here's a crazy fact: Shaylee has no sense of smell or taste + she absolutely loves it! This hasn't always been the case. In eighth grade she got elbowed in the face during basketball and it fractured her eye socket and caused some serious damage. She lost her sense of taste, smell + is still battling vision problems in her left eye. Oh, and did I mention, she has no memory of it + lost some of her memories from before the accident?

Just because someone is stunning on the outside or appears to have it altogether doesn't mean they have zero battles to deal with in life. Not everyone's life is perfectly paved and laid out for them.

She never had dreams of being a model. The opportunity fell into her lap in a way, but the one thing she can be is the change she wants to see in the industry. She said it is not the venture she had chosen because it can be a tough one to be in + deal with. Shaylee has worked hard to get where she is + it will be amazing to see where she goes!