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Zerr Motherhood Session | Cedar Breaks, Utah Photographer

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My goodness guys, this mama traveled across many states on their dinosaur adventure and I was so excited when she called me to book a Motherhood Session with her twin boys.

She used to live in Salt Lake City before moving away so this wasn't completely uncharted territory for her. She decided that she wanted to take her boys on a dinosaur adventure before life picked back up this fall.

They hit up all the places with anything dinosaur in Vernal, St George, and they were also going to visit the Grand Staircase in Escalante. She said the boys have been so good on the long stretches of road and they have truly enjoyed each other's company.

I've gotta say the thought of having twins always terrified me! Gosh, two kids running in different directions... my life is chaos now so I can only imagine two at one time! ha

They were both so darling for the shoot and both had very different personalities. They loved the typical running around the hillside + trying to escape mom's arms the first chance they got.

Regardless, we had a good time with a lot of laughs + mama was so fun to get to know.

These moments are the Beauty Behind Life's Chaos truly. When we feel overwhelmed and out of control in the busyness of life.... then someone shows us a photo from their view and perspective shifts.

A simple reminder to slow down and breathe deep each day. To be truly grateful for what is right in front of us. When we take just a moment to stop worrying about the next task or what's up ahead and truly see the beauty in our lives as it exists. The people that mean the most. This is the moment in which our hearts swell and we are overcome by a feeling of deep love and nothing else exists in the world in that moment.

These are the people that mean the most and they will be by your side forever. Don't lose sight of that in the rush of life.

With much love....

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