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Motherhood Session | Cedar City Photographer

I know I’ve said it 1,000,986,999,453,246 times but gosh, I sure love seeing you and your kids year after year! I won’t lie, there’s nothing more fun than watching kids grow up especially when I’ve been photographing them since they were two years old. Crazy right?

I honestly can’t believe how fast time flies some days, but I sure love watching kids change.

This family comes every single year to escape the Arizona heat + enjoy some time together. I couldn’t be more grateful they just keep coming back again and again to capture the stage they are currently in!

There’s always lots of laughter, plenty of good conversation, and hugs at the end every. Single. Time! It’s truly you that makes the sessions great. By the end of your session, it’s like spending time with family members you like!

I absolutely love being able to capture your kids, the special moments, and give you tangible memories to hold, but being able to chat with different people about things that are more than just surface level fills my cup right to the tippy top!

Some days I don’t realize how much it’s needed until I get out of the house and have some adult conversation + see what I’ve been missing out on. We all love our kids right? But we simply cannot serve others with a cup that’s nearly empty.

When our days are filled with conversation from ages ranging in the teens down to five, you realize that something a little more stimulating isn’t so bad after all. It makes you feel less alone in the world as a mother during those rough weeks when the kids have seemed to do nothing but fight while you try to navigate how to work from home through the summer.

It can’t simply be me standing alone in this corner can it?

As I was chatting with this mama it was funny because we got on the topic of husbands being home full-time and having the ability to work remotely.

It seems that we are so used to being the ones that pick up the house after everyone leaves for the day + it typically remains in good shape until we all come home. Now with the hubs home and not used to having to always put things away, it has been an adjustment to say the least!

So between that and now kids being home full-time, getting out and talking mom to mom feels amazing!

All of our kids will be in school this fall so I just keep telling myself I’ve just gotta survive the summer figuring out work with them home full time and then we should be good after that! I mean, we only get them for so many summers right?

I set the intention to be present where my feet are planted, but navigating the trickiness of trying to accomplish the tasks at hand so I can play when they are finished is hard to get done with constant interruptions!

So, let’s laugh a little more, enjoy the kids + continue to fill our cup by getting out and enjoying some good chats that remind us we aren’t the only ones struggling.

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