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Mountain Family Photos | Duck Creek, Utah Photographer

Oh, boy was this family a hoot!! I mean, seriously I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard during a session in my life.

I honestly don't know how I end up with all of the BEST people on planet earth to photograph, but this holiday season has been goooood.

These guys came up from Vegas to spend the holidays with some of their family that lives here and I can only imagine the fun that their cabin was filled with all week!

We laughed A LOT + I tried to pair up the girlfriend with the wrong brother, buuuuut, we all had a great time.... at least I hope we did! ha

Perhaps it's a holiday season thing, but gosh I'm sure grateful for people that fire me up! I adore family sessions because I love to be around people that enjoy being around each other.

The energy throughout their session was so high and I hope we all left floating on cloud nine. There wasn't much snow, the sun was out + this family didn't hate each other... what more could you ask for?!

I did a lot of sessions up at Duck Creek this summer so I was so excited when that was the chosen location.

Davis and Kerri actually own The Deli in Duck Creek Village so if you're passing through and your stomach is grumbling, stop and grab you a sandwich with some homemade sauce + freshly sliced meat to satisfy you! OH, and did I mention they have pie?! Go get you some!

Anyways, this session was full of beautiful people + tons of fun!

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