A few of my favorite self help books | Southern Utah Photographer

I've been on a self help quest my entire life. Collecting quotes I loved to lift me up, listening to Podcasts wherever I go, and loving Audible so that I can now listen to books everywhere.

Ever since I was a kid I've had a goal of owning my own business. I never knew what that business may be, but I loved Photography. We used to put our kittens on our "set" and dress them up Anne Geddes style, but that's beside the point.

My childhood wasn't the ideal childhood that we all dream of having. My mom divorced twice and my entire family fell apart when I was 18 years old.

My collection of quotes followed me through my life and eventually turned into reading books upon books + listening to any self-help Podcasts I had the time for.

I feel that different things resonate with different people at different times in our lives so I wanted to share some with you in hopes that perhaps you find something you love on the list!

If you want books that are easy listeners for your boppy personality, Rachel Hollis is your gal!

If you're feeling ultra-peppy holla over to Judi Holler with Fear Is My Homeboy!

Atomic Habits is a great book to listen to + doesn't leave you feeling bored. Gary John Bishop's books are fun to listen to because of his Irish accent and I promise there is some language, but not as much as you would think based on the titles ;)

Who Moved My Cheese was a book I listened to while mowing the lawn + the lesson in it really resonated with me at the time.

Leadership and Self-Deception was great at getting you to look at your situation from another point of view + get out of the box you put yourself in. Leadershift is one that I am just diving into and loving so far! I know that was a very brief description on all of those, but I know you'll find some great little nuggets within them all!