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My Joy in Photographing the Chaos of Life!

Hello there, I'm Amanda! A Utah girl that has spent most of her life hiding behind the camera! Every now and then I could snap one fantastic posed selfie, but for the most part, I was capturing life as it happened.

Something about lifestyle photography brings me joy. A little peek into what life is like for you on the daily. We all have our own struggles, our own success, sadness + joy, but never are all of these moments documented. We plan our pretty family session where we dress up, get our makeup done, and have a photographer pose us perfectly and capture us as we are.

What you don't see is the chaos, the screaming children, or the beauty of life that got us to that moment. Don't get me wrong, I love a good perfectly posed picture, but the more we get family portraits taken, the more I am finding myself loving the candid poses so much more. It truly documents the relationship within the family and the love we all have for each other. If we didn't have love, we never would have made it to that moment.

I have four kids and trust me, my life is chaos more than it is calm and I love being able to take a step back and look at the beauty in it. We don't always see it as moms and I am so happy when I get the opportunity to have it documented beautifully for me so that I have a tangible memory to look back on and smile!

We all have our own story, our own struggles + our own joys. We aren't perfect nor should we strive to be. We should try our best to be the best version of ourselves. Our journey is ours and no one else's. You never know what others are going through so smile at every stranger you see. It may just brighten up their day!

One thing I do believe is that everyone deserves to have their story documented beautifully so you have something to look back on that makes you smile on those dreary days because yes, we all have them.

Cedar City, Utah, Southern Utah, Lifestyle Photography

Family Photographer, Utah, Southern Utah, Snow Canyon Photo

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Location: Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

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